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Powerlines and Hillsides II. by phi-phi Powerlines and Hillsides II. :iconphi-phi:phi-phi 0 0 Powerlines and Hillsides. by phi-phi Powerlines and Hillsides. :iconphi-phi:phi-phi 0 0 Blurred Simplicity. by phi-phi Blurred Simplicity. :iconphi-phi:phi-phi 2 0 A Road to the Storm by phi-phi A Road to the Storm :iconphi-phi:phi-phi 0 0 Clouds of Molten Lava.. by phi-phi Clouds of Molten Lava.. :iconphi-phi:phi-phi 2 2 Excess by phi-phi Excess :iconphi-phi:phi-phi 1 0
Red Wine.
The sky seemed bluer today
And the sun seemed brighter and warmer.
The world seemed brighter and warmer.
like red wine.
Dripping like blood down my shoulders,
my wrists,
my thighs.
You gave me a chance to come alive
When you skimmed the surface
when you made me bleed the sweetest blood
made a clean cut, should heal just fine
And all the red flows like wine
Drink me in
taste me
I cannot save you
And you cannot save me.
Shattered in unison, strangled by our fear.
Drink me in.
I'll be your vice.
I'll flow through you in our makeshift paradise.
I cannot save you you or your
heart tattooed on your wrist
surrounding your veins
a broken heart'll bleed you dry; a messy and vile thing.
Its like hot tea on a bitter cold day when you smile.
I'd hate to see you bleeding
but I'll drink every drop until it stops
Flows like wine down my shivering spine
I'll drink in your hopes and dreams
I'll know you outside and in
But you can't save me
No one can.
I'm just another nobody in nomansland.
:iconphi-phi:phi-phi 0 0
dead. by phi-phi dead. :iconphi-phi:phi-phi 0 1
It is astonishing..
It is astonishing..
Old love that tortures and aches
the keeper's heart
can be inadvertently pushed away
like the moving of a mountain
that has grown in place of one's will
to love and breath and
All the anguish fades with just
a spark; a look; a touch
of something that reawakens
urges long buried underneath
a shattered past.
The life returns.
The love is new and pure.
Not yet touched by hands
worse than mine.
I will nurture it and keep it safe
Like a rose
growing in my heart.
Much like the end of winter's bareness.
The ice is melting.
Spring comes.
The flowers bloom again.
Blinded and healed by what destroyed us
It is astonishing..
:iconphi-phi:phi-phi 2 0
Mended Heart.
There may come a time when I'll see you again
But I won't react like I used to.
I won't feel bad or intimidated by your presence.
You see, my heart's grown back to it's glory days
And it's crumbled walls have been rebuilt again
And the trees and vines surrounding have stopped wilting
And I think I'm finally ready to let someone walk in there again.
I've cleaned up the weeds and the fear and the loneliness
And planted something new in there; a new beginning
I've opened up my heart again, and I've finally thrown you out
Every trace of you has disappeared, and I feel so free.
The flowers have started blooming again
Much like they would in spring.
The sign that says "My Heart" has been rehung, to lead new travelers in.
And bits of poetry and favorite author's words are carved into every surface.
Even though you left it broken, it's healed with time
With comforting words from good friends
And love of a different kind.
Restored it has been, desolation made it stronger
Beating harder, pumping
:iconphi-phi:phi-phi 2 0
Mua. by phi-phi Mua. :iconphi-phi:phi-phi 0 0
I can feel your very existence,
Eventhough your face has never seen mine,
Nor has mine seen yours.
Unseen and endlessly affecting me.
Although a distant stranger, you know me well.
You know me better than those who've grown with me all through this life.
I may never meet you, or know you like a person should
But I know you just the same, just as you know me;
Beneath the surface where none can see,
that is where we dwell in each other.
Two souls eternally perfect for one another, never to meet.
It occurs more than one would dream.
And knowing I'll never cross my path with yours
May just be the most beautiful of all things.
I've never seen you, and I may never see you
But I know you're here,
And you know I'm here.
And I'll carry you in my soul
As my little reminder that no being can ever really be whole.
All our missing pieces lie in another
And only the ones who look hard enough realize this truth;
One which they need to live with evermore, incomplete.
:iconphi-phi:phi-phi 0 0
Sitting here alone, my mind floods with thoughts of regret
Everytime I take a puff of my cigarette
I can feel a numbness setting in after each puff of smoke
The pain I ignore due to the killing cure hardly makes me choke.
I guess you could say that they are keeping me alive
And killing me at the exact same time.
Isn't it sad that I'm living for the one thing that will surely end me.
I see my future in rings of smoke.
I see visions of myself sitting alone, too numb to the world.
Pain has always been sort of my vice.
An addiction to anything that'll kill me a little more inside.
And as I breathe in my certain death
I watch my self fall apart with each breath.
Our lives are ending and beginning, every minute, every moment
What I really want is someone just to hold hands with
As we both stare in awe and watch the world fall to pieces.
Seeing it all end, we'd both still be content
Because there's someone to hold as it all turns to ash
And someone to spend forever with when it's all over.
:iconphi-phi:phi-phi 4 2
An idea is the most beautiful of all things;
The most lasting thing there is.
It may not be tangible or visible in the sense we're used to
And above all, it is immortal.
It can live forever, it can be built upon
It can be turned any way, viewed from every direction
With powers far beyond that of average thought.
The idea lives forever, but the individual cannot;
That in itself doesn't seem like the fairest of things.
However, I personally choose to see the beauty in that as well
I see myself only being host to an idea.
I am at the mercy of my thoughts, isn't that a scary thing?
For I am simply flesh and blind emotion; damaged so easily;
Ideas are quite the opposite;
Ideas can whether any storm
They can be laughed at, rejected, changed
Weighed and then reweighed in the minds of others.
They can be built up and then torn down
An idea can save the world, and then destroy it just the same.
But the important thing is that they survive.
They last far beyond time.
We are condemned to our mort
:iconphi-phi:phi-phi 3 3
Winston Churchill. by phi-phi Winston Churchill. :iconphi-phi:phi-phi 0 0 New year, New ID. by phi-phi New year, New ID. :iconphi-phi:phi-phi 0 0

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United States
Current Residence: New York.
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative.
Favourite photographer: Andy Warhol
Favourite style of art: Poetry.
Operating System: Windows XP.
MP3 player of choice: iPod. :D
Shell of choice: Conch!
Wallpaper of choice: Edward Norton.
Favourite cartoon character: Toki Wartooth. <3
Personal Quote: "Maybe we have to break everything to make something better out of ourselves."


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